Resources for translators

thank you again

Thank you again for attending my seminar “Moving the first steps in the translation industry” at Language Show Live 2015. As promised, here are a few tools that you can use to run your business, organise your work and keep track of your progress.

Earnings and expenses

Income and Expenses

This file will help you keep track of all your earnings and your expenses. Some cells contain formulas, so be careful when editing the file. Instructions are provided in the “Workflow” sheet.

New clients

Income and Expenses

This file will help you keep track of your progress with potential new clients. By recording client details, dates and responses, you will be able to see the results of your sales strategy and adjust it if you have very low response and conversion rates.


For detailed information about tax and legal requirements for self-employed professionals, you can visit the website. Follow this link to find out how much income tax and national insurance you have to pay, and what kind of expenses you can deduct to work out your taxable profits.